Thursday, 17 February 2011

All Over A Game

There were two major talking points in the last week or so. Auburn's Defensive Line Coach Tracy Rocker has accepted an offer to play with the Tennessee Titans. All I will say to that is good luck to him because he has earned it, he mentioned that it was a goal of his to coach in the NFL. I'm sure everyone has a dream they want to achieve, Rocker gets to live his and I couldn't be happier for him. When the goal is there you take it. It will be interesting to see who will take Rocker's vacancy and it will give us all something to ponder during drivel season.

Now onto the main subject of todays post, one which I will not enjoy writing at that. Earlier today a man named Harvey Updyke was arrested and charged with poisoning the famous oak tree on Toomer's Corner. A tree that is around 135 years old and is a big part of the schools tradition. What the man did was disgusting, unfair and just damn right horrible. I understand many Bama fans have a hatred for Auburn, and vice versa of course, but it is just evil to damage a schools tradition like this man has done.

But what possesses people to do things like this? What made this man commit this crime against nature? (no pun intended). If only we could get all these questions answered, but I hope this man didn't feel proud for what he had done (regardless if he is a Bama fan). I hope he doesn't have a large, wide, smug grin on his face because quite frankly, what goes around comes around.

I have heard a lot of fans from other schools just say "It's a tree, so get over it". It may be a tree, but that isn't the point. The point is how would you feel if a rival fan damaged, or even destroyed one of your school's biggest traditions That has existed for decades? I'm sure no one would be happy, because it does upset people, and its just a vile thing to do.

But guess what Harvey? Regardless of if you read this post or not, it's just a game. That is all it is, a game. Of course I don't mean to downplay the sport of football because we all have a love for it, but if your vandalising schools and ruining tradition over a game then you need to get your head checked. It's kind of like if you lose a game of dodgeball in PE at school, and then you go and destroy all the PE equipment. It is unneeded for regardless of what happens, and I hope we find out WHY this man did what he did.

Was he upset over 28-27? Was he upset over Bama choking away a 24 point lead at home? Was he upset because Saban promised to dominate Auburn from day one and hasn't kept to that promise? I have no idea why, but like I said, nothing should lead you to doing what he did.

The Auburn-Bama rivalry has been nasty for many years, we all know that and we expect it to continue in that fashion, but you have to draw a line somewhere. I hate Bama from head to toe, from limb to limb, from vein to vein, but I wouldn't sneak onto their campus and burn down Denny Chimes would I? That's just idiotic, pathetic and just damn right insane. Why serve prison time over a game? These are the questions I wish we could get answered, but I don't expect them to be.

I have heard many Bama fans defend the man, and I have heard a few turn against him as well. That is always bound to happen (not just with Bama) because in this world some people are that crazy. However, I have no doubt in my mind Auburn will not cower away from this. I don't mean to say some idiotic Auburn fan will go and do something even more crazy because I'd be upset if that did happen, though its not guaranteed that it won't happen. Instead, I think Chizik will use all of this as motivation for his team in November when Bama visit the plains, and it could result in an utter beatdown or an emotional failure. Who really knows?

One thing is for sure, no matter how hard you try and no matter how hard you pray, Auburn isn't going anywhere. We will continue to roll Toomers Corner and will do it proudly. The tradition will never die and I hope Harvey knows it. I couldn't give a damn what happens to him in prison and I don't think many others will either.

Stand tall Auburn fans, and just DO WHAT WE DO.