Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Notes on the HBO documentary

* HBO is airing an episode based on Stanley McClovers new charity called Big Brothers United. That may be his leverage.

* Notice how HBO managed to get these interviews from four failures, 2 of whom have beefs with Auburn, and one never played a down at Auburn. Why couldn't they get interviews from guys like Dansby, Groves, TWILL etc?

* Former Auburn players Groves, Kody Bliss, TWILL, Ziemba, Pugh and Kenny Irons have all refuted this BS. Kody Bliss said that he never saw anything close to as if McClover got paid, said Stanley borrowed his truck the majority of his freshman year.

* Ziemba, Pugh have both stated that neither of them got paid. So why would we pay Chaz Ramsey and not the other two? Ziemba is obviously the best and was the highest recruited player of the three.

* NONE of the players that were interviewed mentioned any names in particular. Is HBO worried about getting sued over all of this?