Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Interview with Auburn commit JaQuay Williams

I conducted a short interview with Auburn commitment JaQuay Williams recently, and he had some interesting things to tell me about his recruitment/himself. Maybe you will learn a bit more about him in this post as well. Here is what we discussed.

(If you want to see film of him, go here)

1. Who were the first few schools that recruited you from the very start?
Clemson and Georgia recruited me from the very start.

2. What did you like about Auburn, which made you commit?
I love Auburn and it's close to my mum, and I feel like they are going to take care of me. People tried to tell me to stay in-state and go to Georgia but I never had any interest in my offer to Georgia. I went to all the nearby schools, including Georgia, Florida, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Bama but none compared to Auburn in making me feel like I'm at home. I also get to feel like I can come in early and make an immediate impact and I also like it because its close to home, but not close enough to go home every day.

3. What have you done on your visits to Auburn?
I talked to all the coaches and some of players, including Emory Blake, Gabe Wright, Erique Florence, Quan Bray, Quindarius Carr and Clint Mosely. I also toured the school and its facilities.

4. Do you plan to go to an Auburn game in the fall, any ones you prefer?
I want to see ALL OF THEM! As many as I can hopefully.

5. Are there any prospects you plan to recruit to Auburn?
Yeah, I plan to recruit Geno Smith and Jonathan Jones.

6. What is your official height and weight, do you plan to get any bigger before you get to Auburn?
Right now I'm 6'3, 210, but I plan to get to 220 eventually.

7.Which coach recruited you and what do you like about them?
Trooper Taylor recruited me, he's like a father to me and I feel like I can trust him. He is a great person.

8. Which NFL player do you compare your game too, and why?
I compare my game to Brandon Marshall, because we do some of the same stuff like going up for the ball etc. I try to be like him.

9. If you could send a message to all the Auburn fans out there, what would you tell them?
I am very excited about being part of the Auburn family and I love all the people down there! Finally WAR EAGLE!