Sunday, 24 July 2011

2011 SEC Preview: Ranking the QB's

Last year we saw many SEC QB's have stellar campaigns. Cam Newton won the Heisman, Ryan Mallet wasn't too shabby and we even saw the newcomer Aaron Murray deliver some good performances. It is going to be hard to rank the top 5 QB's since I think the talent level is very close between all of them, but I'll give my true opinion on my Top 5 QB's in the SEC. Let's get started:

1. Aaron Murray - Georgia Bulldogs

Despite Georgia's poor 6-7 record, last year Murray put up some very impressive stats for a freshman in the SEC. He racked up just over 3000 yards passing, as well as 24 touchdowns. Murray has the potential to be one of the best Quarterbacks in the country this year and he should hopefully improve a Georgia offense that needs to stay consistent. He is a calm, poised and has the patience to be a good Quarterback for the Dawgs.

2. Tyler Bray - Tennessee Volunteers

I genuinely think Tennessee will improve this season, and I think Bray will be a big part of that. Bray may seem like a strange pick at no2 but I think we will see a breakout year from him. He has two excellent targets in Justin Hunter and Da'Rick Rogers to throw to which should help him out hugely. In the last 5 games of last season Dooley gave him the chance to show off his arm, and he wasn't too shabby as he put up 323 yards and 3 TD throws against Ole Miss. Although his performance in the Music-City Bowl wasn't too impressive (4TD's but 3 INT's) I think he will be a good QB for the Vols this year.

3. Tyler Wilson - Arkansas Razorbacks

All we really saw from this kid last season was his backup performance against Auburn when Mallett left the game injured. Even though Auburn's secondary was less than impressive in their 2010 BCS winning year, Wilson had a decent game as he threw for 323 yards, 4 TD's and 2 INT's in the game. Bobby Petrino is a terrific offensive coach and definitely has a good looking prospect in Wilson. He has the best WR corp in the SEC and I even think he could move up to being the no1 QB in the SEC this year.

4. Stephen Garcia - South Carolina Gamecocks

This guy is a Quarterback that you either love or hate, and you never know which Garcia will show up. He has the game of his life last year against Alabama throwing 201 yards, 3 TD's and an INT however he stunk up the joint against Florida State throwing 0 TD's and 3 INT's in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. South Carolina is poised for another decent year so if Garcia can stay consistent and stay off the booze, he has the chance to put up some decent numbers this year.

5. Chris Relf - Mississippi State Bulldogs

The Bulldogs had their most wins in the SEC since 1999 last season, and Relf was a big reason that was the case. He had 13 touchdowns last season, whilst running for 5 himself. He is a big guy and can protect the ball and is as efficient as they come. If he can have another good year look for the Bulldogs to improve.


So there you have it, there were a few others I could have listed but these were my top 5 picks. AJ McCarron has the tools to be a good one, and Barrett Trotter could have a solid year (if he wins the job of course).

Next time I'm going to rank the top 5 RB's (that should be fun). Thanks for reading!