Wednesday, 27 July 2011

2011 SEC Preview: Ranking the WR's

I didn't find it too hard to rank the best WR's in the SEC. Last year the conference lost some talented WR's in AJ Green, Julio Jones and Darvin Adams, but there are still some elite WR's around and here are my top 5 WR's going into the 2011 season.

1. Alshon Jeffery - South Carolina Gamecocks

This guy should be the undisputed no1 on everyones list for this season. Jeffery came up big last season for the Gamecocks, as he became the main target for Stephen Garcia on offense. Jeffery is a big guy standing at 6'4 225 pounds. Though he is tall, he has excellent hands and impressive athleticism, as last year he made some great catches, including two great touchdown catches against 'Bama and Auburn. You can see his highlights against 'Bama here.

**Note: Watch out for the catch at 1:55 in the video. It's quite something.

Last season Jeffery hauled in 88 catches, for 1517 yards and 9 TDs. I don't anticipate his numbers taking a huge hitch this year even when taking on double teams, because defenses will have to account for the running threat in Marcus Lattimore as well.

Alshon Jeffery is a sure fire first rounder in 2012 and if he has another big year, he may sneak into the top 5 picks.

2. Joe Adams - Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas returns a great stable of WR's in 2011, and Adams headlines the three. Adams is 5'11 190 pounds and has great playmaking ability. The first choice was obvious, but you could say the next three spots are debatable. He isn't a big target, but that doesn't stop him.

Last season he had 50 catches for 813 yards and 6 TD catches. His biggest games last year were on the road to Georgia where he had 6 catches for 130 yards. He also got 6 catches, 138 yards and 2 touchdowns against Tennessee Tech.

Adams is another for sure future NFL WR, and even though he will be competing for Wilson's attention this fall don't look for his stock to drop off too much.

3. Greg Childs - Arkansas Razorbacks
Childs is the another member of the Arkansas trio and he comes in third on the list. Childs is a big target at 6'3 217 pounds for the Pigs. He was having a fantastic year before he got injured against Vanderbilt. In 8 games he had 46 catches for 659 yards and 6 TD's.

He is an athletic WR that should have a solid NFL career. If he can stay injury free this year his stock can surely rise by season's end.

Arkansas won't have a down year if this guy shows up again.

4. Reuben Randle - LSU Tigers
LSU hasn't had an adequate QB in a while, which you could argue is holding them back from more SEC titles. If Jordan Jefferson can improve this season, then Reuben Randle is poised for a big year. Last season Randle caught game-changing TD passes against the likes of 'Bama and Auburn. He has the big play-making ability that you want in your no1 target, and Randle will be the go-to guy on LSU's offense come September.

Randle is 6'4 207 pounds, and last season hauled in 33 catches for 544 yards. His stats aren't flashy, but the level of talent in this guy is elite.

If LSU can develop a QB, then Randle is poised for a monster year in the SEC and could live up to his star rating in the end. LSU has a big talent on their hands, and getting him the ball will be crucial this season.

5. Justin Hunter - Tennessee Volunteers
Justin Hunter still has at least two years left at the college level, and as a true-freshman last year Hunter hauled in 16 catches for 417 yards and 7 TD's. Thats a lot of yards for so very few catches isn't it? Hunter is a young prospect that has an abundance of talent, and a lot of Tennessee fans expect him to go down as one of their best WR's ever.

Standing at 6'4 and 183 pounds, Hunter is a big target who will be valuable for Tyler Bray in the next few years as he will develop and grow as well. Tennessee's offense will become much more of a threat this season, and teams will have to account for Hunter because of it.


The SEC attracts the best prospects in the nation for a reason, they have a proven record of developing stars and putting them in the pro's. The SEC lost two WR's that were top 10 draft picks in AJ Green and Julio Jones, but the SEC will reload as always.

Apart from the top 5 listed, the SEC does have other recievers who could have made the list. Honourable mentions go out to Auburn WR Emory Blake, Miss. State's Chad Bumphis and 'Bama's Marquis Maze.