Thursday, 20 January 2011

The best coaching staff in the Nation

You need three things to put together a Championship team: Talent, chemistry and great coaching. But you also need other various intangibles such as the passion to win, and the right mindset.

Fans, and especially the media seemed to under-appreciate the importance of this coaching staff and how it was the main reason why Auburn won the National Championship. I mean, who do you even think BROUGHT Cam to Auburn? These coaches have worked their butts off the last 2 years in rebuilding this program from the lowest of lows, right up to the top of the mountain.

With how influential the media is in today's society, it is important to have coaches that know how to control their players and know how to maintain consistency. Players do read up on the influential sports outlets and it can change their mindset in a split second. Stars on this Championship team like Nick Fairley and Cam Newton were able to keep their feet grounded and maintain a good work rate, instead of taking their foot of the gas because they see their names in newspaper and magazine headlines.

You have got to give credit, where credit is due. Tracy Rocker built our stout defensive line, Gus Malzahn ran the offense and coached up Cam Newton and Chris Todd, Grimes inherited an experienced Offensive Line and made them better, Phillip Lolley coached the defensive backs, Curtis Luper made Ben Tate into a second round pick, and Trooper Taylor also coached the Wide Receivers up to brilliance, and even managed to turn a former Quarterback into a reliable Receiver. Go figure?

Gene Chizik has also done a great job at coaching the team, making the calls, handling the media well, staying humble and of course putting together this great staff we currently behold. The credit needs to go everywhere, and I think it has (at least from an Auburn fans point of view).

This entire staff has been together for 2 seasons, and none have been fired or left for jobs. Why you ask? Because they don't need too? Grimes stayed because he loves it at Auburn and he loves his coaching situation. Gus Malzahn (who I think will leave eventually) stayed because he knows he can further prove his worth with another season or two coaching up his offense.

I know we have had our gripes with certain coaches at different points in the season, but we ended the season perfect. What else could you want? These coaches work their butts off 24/7 to get this team to be as good as possible and it has shown this season.

Then there is the recruiting side of it. I don't think it needs to be said that this staff can recruit with the best because it has already been proved. We could finish this 2011 recruiting class very strong, just like we did last year. Don't get me wrong, Auburn is a great place and the family feel is what recruits like, but these coaches are the ones who are calling up high school studs trying to schedule visits with them.

The coaches know how to sell Auburn, and they do it really well. They respect these kids and their futures and don't treat the entire thing as a business. Recruits want to feel like they can talk to their coaches and not just take orders on the field. When something goes wrong either on or off the field this staff knows how to handle it and they do it very well. Examples could be the Cam Newton saga and several suspensions.

What we have at Auburn is special, this staff is the best there is and staying together for a third straight season would be nothing short of amazing. Enjoy this time and never doubt this staff, whether it comes to recruiting or coaching.

They can pull off miracles, so never say never.