Monday, 10 January 2011

This is it....all or nothing

Tonight is perhaps the biggest game in the history of Auburn Football. It is a game where we can prove to the College Football world that we are going to become a modern contender. Tonight the entire Auburn family must be behind the Tigers 110%. Whether we are down by 24 or up by 24 you must never stop screaming, never stop supporting and never stop singing.

We have had chances in the past to be where we are now, but inconvenient circumstances never given us much luck. This game is not only for the 2010 Auburn football team, but for the teams in the past who never had the chance to play for it all. I don't believe the Auburn family has ever been closer or more compact than it has this season. We have been to hell and back, whether its with the heart wrenching comebacks, or the Cam Newton allegations, and somehow we have come out of it all unscathed.

All season, we have said "we escaped this time, but we won't again". Time after time we have been in uncomfortable positions, but we all have always come out on top. Slowly but surely, we were piecing together this chance. All it took was 13 steps. All we had to do was complete each step and so far so good. But that is in the past, all we are focusing on now is the task at hand. Which is what I like to call....the 14th piece.

Ever since Gene Chizik was hired at Auburn, he always preached "Good to great". Two years later, here we are. We are about to become great.

If I could say anything to the team before this game, I would just say "This is your chance to become champions, 60 minutes is all it takes....leave it all on the field"

Play every snap like it's your last. Hit 'em hard in the trenches, block like your life depends on it, run like the wind, never look back and always look forward.

But most importantly...

Play like a champion