Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A perfect end to a perfect season

I'm finding it hard to come up with the words for this post, so I apologise if it doesn't make much sense. I am still in major disbelief over what has occurred monday night, and this season as a whole. In the summer, we all heard how special this team is and the chemistry that was developing over time, and how close knit this team is.

Seeing is believing.

On Monday, Auburn defeated the Oregon Ducks 22-19 in a game that was expected to be a straight up shootout. Both teams put points up, but both defense's also made big plays that helped turn the ball over. Cam did not play his best game of the season, but Oregon's defensive game plan was very good. They clogged the box and it forced Cam to throw under pressure and make some tight throws. Who knows how this game will influence Cam's NFL decision, but he still made some big first down plays that helped move the ball forward.

The man who really excelled on offense was Michael Dyer. He finished with 143 total yards on 22 carries and almost had a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Every carry he was always pushing for more yards, and looked very good especially with the moves he was making on a clogged field. Was this his breakout game? Who knows, we will have to see next season. But I think the type of game he had on the biggest stage on college football really helped his confidence. Dyer's carries will increase next season if Cam moves onto the NFL, and I think he will be ready for it.

With how stout the defense was, and how well Dyer played it really threw the theory out the window that Auburn were a one man show.

One thing to not forget, is the 2010 senior class.It was something special, as all year, several seniors made big plays that have helped contribute to this undefeated season. Here are several big ones.

- Zac Etheridge's fumble return for a TD against Arkansas.
- Antoine Carter's forced fumble on Mark Ingram that helped change the momentum against 'Bama.
- Wes Byrum's winning field goals against Clemson, Kentucky and Oregon.
- Josh Bynes and Demond Washington's crucial fourth quarter interception's against Arkansas and South Carolina.
- Not winning plays, but I thought I'd throw in Kodi Burns' TD throw to Cam against Ole Miss and his first and last receiving touchdown of the 2010 season against Oregon.

The media talks about Cam and Nick, and rightly so, they are both elite college players. But people often overlook the importance of the senior class and how it helped shaped the season. All will be remembered for the sacks, tackles, interceptions, blocks, touchdowns that they all made, and that in itself is priceless.

Who could forget the offensive line? It is without doubt one of the best lines I have ever seen in a college team. The majority of them have been together since their freshman year and have developed a bond that is rare these days. The blocking they did was a contribution to Cam's excellent play. Leaving him enough time to make throws and creating the holes for him to run through.

The Auburn family thanks the 2010 Senior class, because you made this season all the more special! Good luck and god bless.

The defense wasn't perfect, but it made the plays for us to win crucial games. They did their job no matter how frustrating it got at times. Ted Roof is a mastermind at halftime adjustments and our second half defensive record is stout to say the least.

Chizik came in two years ago and was one of the most unpopular sport hires we have seen in a while, but slowly people were starting to support Chizik and his plan, and it has evidently payed off. Makes you wonder what kind of odds there were that he would win the National Title when he was hired?

One thing is for sure, he definitely has Auburn on the right track, and he has already proven that he can win the big games. He did something only Shug Jordan could do, but that's not to diminish Pat Dye's and Tommy Tuberville's undefeated seasons, because they were all special teams.

Im excited, your all excited, the coaches are excited because this will hopefully change the perception of our program. Elite programs win National Championships, and winning them in the BCS Era is all the more important.

Unbeaten, unmatched, undeniably the best team in all of College football, and the best team in the nation. They are your National Champions, Auburn fans the Tigers are 14-0! - Rod Bramblett with a 2010 twist.