Monday, 3 January 2011

Will Cam leave for the NFL?

I hope everyone is as excited about our game on January 10th as I am. It's probably the biggest thing on every Auburn fan's mind right now, but Cam Newton's dilemma about whether to skip his senior season comes in at a close second.

When Cam Newton arrived at Auburn, his father said that Cam was a two year commitment to the Tigers. But you can now throw that commitment out the window (No Cam jokes intended). When your'e a national star, a Heisman trophy winner and playing on an undefeated team how could your career getting any better? This is the question players ask themselves when considering the jump to the pro's. They ask themselves "Could I gain something better than what I have have?". Since things like stats and awards are key to upping your draft status.

When you look at Cam Newton's mega season at Auburn, you can clearly see he has achieved everything any high school recruit ever dreams about when stepping on a college campus. Such as an undefeated season, several major awards, a conference championship, a spot in the National Championship game and an eye-popping season statistically. Not to mention a heart-wrenching comeback against your most hated rival.

I'm no draft expert, nor do I try to be but according to several people Cam is projected to be an early to mid first rounder in the 2011 NFL Draft. When your'e projected that high you just have to take it. The money is unbelievable and teams will have more patience with you when your are making the transition into an NFL caliber player (especially at the Quarterback position).

What does Cam gain and risk if he returns? Well, for starters he could gain another valuable year of experience at Quarterback under Gus Malzahn, which would most likely make him into a much more solid player and could help his NFL career long term. What does he risk by returning? Everything else.

Auburn loses 24 seniors after this season, including the majority of the much heralded offensive line. There is no guarantee he will have the same comfort at Quarterback as this season and his stats may suffer because of it. There is also the risk of injury. Cam was very lucky not to have sustained any major injuries this season, and you never know how much it can play on someones mind when deciding to make the jump, and how it could affect your future plans. Just ask Kyle Parker.

Do I think he makes the leap? Absolutely, but if he does return it will be because he wants to help out an Auburn team that in 2011 would most likely be rebuilding at several key positions.

But heck, stranger things have happened.