Monday, 29 August 2011

Depth Chart Released/My Thoughts

The depth chart for the 2011 season just got released and there are a few surprises to say the least.

(Here is the depth chart, I'm not re-typing the whole thing. Click here)

The Surprises

- McCalebb over Dyer? I wouldn't read too much into that, both are starters in different situations. Dyer is the no1 choice on the inside run and McCalebb on the outside. Simple as that.

- Travante Stallworth starting at WR? Never saw that coming, he has apparently looked good in camp and if he can become a play-maker I'm all for having him starting here. Uzomah and Denson both are freshman that should get a few looks as well. Coates not being mentioned probably means he will be redshirted, unfortunately.

- Sigler over Wright at back-up DT? Gabe Wright came in with a lot of promise and was thought to be having a decent camp, Sigler recently got moved into the DT spot and it looks like he's made a big impression.

- Benton not starting. I've been a huge fan of Benton lately and even though he is playing directly behind Blake, he will get his shot to make some plays since Blake moves around the offence quite a lot.

- No Jawara White? I'm surprised to not see White backing up any LB position.

- Is this the end of Joel Bonomolo? The beast came into Auburn out of JUCO and was expected to make a big impact, and he is nowhere to be seen on the latest depth chart. I think his opportunity may have come and gone


Other than that the rest of it looks exactly as I thought it would. The team has very few seniors and A LOT of freshman. No matter the talent level the team is young so expect some early struggles on both sides of the ball.