Thursday, 18 August 2011

Its Like Throwing Water Over A Fire

I like the idea of being innocent until proven guilty. I also like the idea of backing up what you have to say and prove what is being said.

I had a teacher at school two years ago and she always taught me to source what I was saying, she said that she wouldn't believe what I was wrote in an assignment until I provided a legitimate source in each bit of information I provided. I used to get so testy when she kept telling me over and over again that this was the case, whenever I had forgot to provide a source.

Now I see why.

In the past 10 months or so, several individuals have promised they will come out with brand-new proof that will be groundbreaking into the Cam Newton investigation. Proof, which will force the NCAA to finally deliver the blow to Auburn's football program and thus making many rival fans across the country happy that Auburn got what they deserved.

A few weeks ago, USA Today's very own oddsmaker Danny Sheridan vowed that he would tell all on Paul Finebaum's radio spot, that he would broadcast the name of the "bagman", who delivered the money to the Newton family.

There was the fire, the spark, the flame...but it turns out Danny brought his own bucket of water with him.

Apparently Danny was advised not to say the name, because after consulting with his legal adviser Danny decided against it last minute, which sparked a major uproar amongst the two sets of people who were looking forward to it the most, up until that point.

One was Paul Finebaum, the other was the entire Alabama fan-base.

As I listened all I could do was laugh, shake my head...and laugh some more. Sheridan didn't say the name publicly because he was afraid of getting sued by said person. My question is, why would he be afraid of getting sued if he knew he was telling the truth? Is he actually confident in his source, or is this entire thing a big bowl of mumbo jumbo?

Come on Danny, you need to know the facts before you open your mouth, bragging on National radio that you can definitely come out with the goods. You could tell that Finebaum wasn't happy with Danny on yesterdays show, his tone of voice was much louder and less monotone than the usual every day wind-ups of Mr Paul Finebaum. The truth is, they are both jokes.

There isn't much else I can say about this situation, if you have proof then spill. Don't diddle daddle and get afraid of being sued from something, if you know what your saying is the truth.

I'll just hang up and wait.

If I had a pound coin for every time someone told me new information was coming out, I'd be able to afford a flight to Alabama and a ticket to an Auburn game on top of that. Crazy isn't it?

The funny thing is, I'm not even kidding.