Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday Blog/Weekly Roundup

Ever since the Danny Sheridan fiasco came to a close, news seems to be slow right now. Obviously thats a good thing isn't it? No news is good news?

Obviously as the season draws closer fans seem to crave positive news on starting spots. Everyone wants to know who the teams secret weapon may be, or who could step up and break out into the national spotlight. We, as fans crave this news like Terrelle Pryor craves relevance.

Auburn's quarterback race has been settled, which bodes well for Gus Malzahn and the offensive staff in the next couple of weeks. They get to decide who will gain the starting spots at wide receiver and even the offensive line. Those are the question marks on offence right now, since I believe the defence is pretty much settled in terms of who will start at each position and who will get to rotate in and out over the course of the season.

Getting these players some practice time and chemistry is key at this point if Auburn are to pull off some early wins against the likes of Miss. State and Clemson, both will be tough tasks but aren't impossible, like some would want you to believe. Neither are exactly in elite form right now are they?

Did I mention how happy I am that these are early kickoffs? I probably have already.

In other news, NCAA President Mark Emmert came out today and said the Cam Newton investigation is still open, but not being actively investigated. Big difference between the two, because if new information comes out the NCAA will actively investigate, but as of right now there seems diddly squat in terms of any new or different information.

The NCAA will keep this open as long as possible because of the slight chance that new information does sprout up. Its standard procedure at this point to keep it open until the statute of limitation runs dry.

The point is, I'm not surprised that this is the case, and don't expect the NCAA to close this investigation any time soon.

Did you hear Jordan Jefferson is in deep shit? You probably did, and the word right now is that him and three of his teammates (Chris Davenport, Josh Johns and Jarvis Landry) will meet with the police today to discuss this matter. Would this be a bad thing for LSU? I'm not so sure, I think Mettenburger could be a solid quarterback. Because there are conflicting versions of what happened, I would not be surprised if nothing came of this, especially with how the judicial system works in Louisiana. But thats just me.

As the season draws even closer the excitement is certainly building around Auburn, sure I don't live there but I am getting this impression on Twitter and even on Facebook (come like the new page if you haven't already) that fans are excited about the opening game and excited about what the season holds for the Tigers.

It seems as if the weekend of Auburn's opener is my last few days of freedom before I head back into education for another year. Whilst Travel and Tourism was fun, I get to study Media which could be fun if I get to include my blog in any assignments, but it's not as if many of you might care, I'm just wasting words here.

Oh, and for those of you worried or even upset about pre-season predictions or poll positions, don't be. Wouldn't you rather be post-season champions rather than pre-season champions? Just ask Georgia fans, I'm sure they'd choose the latter.

But it looks like they have other things to whine about right now.